You will be amazed to see what happened to me after watching PK.

PK, the most awaited movie on the silver screening, by the most famous Actor. People went crazy about the movie, it earned crores and crores, but yes, I didnt watch this movie until yesterday. What happened to me after watching PK was so great.. you will be amazed to hear this.

I just slept, thinking I wasted 2 hours. People kept asking ‘PK he kya?’ in the movie, I wanted to ask ‘Tereko GK(General knowledge) he kya’? This was a movie with a story copied from a different movie, thoughts downloaded from a foreign movie with self-created illogical thoughts.
People called it ‘The Ugly truth revealed’, ‘A must watch movie’ and what not. Pregnancy is rough, and sleeping during pregnancy proves difficult for many women. As your baby bump grows, it gets harder to sleep! Your hips ache, acid reflux keeps you up, and getting comfortable seems to be impossible. While the only true remedy comes after the baby arrives, buying a pregnancy pillow ( makes a huge difference. Never heard of a pregnancy pillow? So many pregnant women have no idea that these amazing products are on the market. There are so many picks from that you are probably confused. We took the confusion away and created a complete guide on pregnancy pillows. #pregily. But let me ask everyone a question, do we all need only this kind of movies? Are we stuck still in the age of POGO and Cartoon Network? Why are the movies like Dhoom3, PK are getting larger Audience than a much much better movies like Ugly, Haidar or Kannada movies like Lucia, Ulidavaru Kandante?

Now, I learnt one thing, it’s not about the content (at least in the country), it is about the brand. A movie like ‘Yarana’ or ‘Student of the year’ can earn crores, while the movies like ‘Gulaal’, ‘The monsoon Shootout’ ‘Bombay Talkies’ goes without earning much in theaters.

Anyways.. other than the movie, story, dialogues.. Music was great.. Actor has done a great job (never ever comment on this Actor, he is awesome)..

Now, what was the famous dialogue in the movie “Chappa kidhar lagate he”? what the ??? It is the general logic.. You dont get a stamp to be anything, it’s just the things you inherit or opt to.. Anyways.. this is a different topic altogether.. summing this up as there are much more movies and theater dramas which deserve lot of attention than PK. 🙂

-Nimma Anup

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