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Harive soppina palya

Harive soppina PALYA Harive Soppu is called as Amarnath leaves always these kind of vegetables which comes under leaf variety are good for health . it gives more diet value for your food. and also it is tasty if its prepared spicy . let me clear it Things Needed : Harve soppu : 2 bundles. Green chilly: [...]

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Rice akki oil eNNe gram bELe Bengal Gram kaDale bELe green gram hesaru bELe toor dal togari bELe cumin jeerige mustard saasive Coriander seeds Kothambari beeja wheat gOdhi rice flour akki hiTTu besan kaDale hiTTu curd mosaru Milk haalu buttermilk majjige sugar sakkare salt uppu Jaggery bella honey jEnu vermicelli shaavige poha avalakki Semolina Rave [...]

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LOL Laugh out Loud – BHN (Bobbe haaki Nagu)

Kannada versions of some useful words: LOL Laugh out Loud - BHN (Bobbe haaki Nagu) ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing - NMHN (Nelada Mele Horalaadi nagu).. Edited version as per the committee.. BBN - BIDDU BIDDU NAGU YBN - YEDDU BIDDU NAGU HBN - HALLU BITTU NAGU Created by Adithya Madangallu Arjun Kaje Ashwin [...]

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Present tense variety

This Blog is for people who can understand Basic Kannada.. If any Typos or mistakes please reply in comments.. :) nODu means “To See”. nODuttane = nODu + utta + aane, means “He will see”. Here, let us assume that “utta” is an joiner and “aane” is the gender specific word. Similarly nODuttaLe = nODu [...]

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Kannada English Kannada English appa/tande Father amma/taayi Mother maga Son magaLu Daughter aNNa Elder Brother akka Elder Sister tamma Younger Brother tangi Younger Sister ajja/taata Grandfather ajji Grandmother ganDa Husband henDati Wife maava Uncle/Father-in-law atte Aunt/Mother-in-law aLiya Son-in-Law sose Daughter-in-law chikkappa Father's younger brother/ Mother's younger sister husband chikkamma Father's younger brother wife/ Mother's younger [...]

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# English Kannada Past Present Future Plural (with respect) 1 See nODu nODide nODidaLu nODidanu nODidaru nODuttEne nODutaaLe nODuttaane nODuttaare nODuve nODuvaLu nODuvanu nODuvaru nODi 2 Read Odu Odide OdidaLu Odidanu Odidaru OduttEne OduttaaLe Oduttaane Oduttaare Oduve OduvaLu Oduvanu Oduvaru oDi 3 Drink kuDi kuDide kuDiyuttEne kuDiyuve kuDiyiri 4 Run ODu ODide ODuttEne ODuve oDi [...]

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We have Managers.. do we have leaders?

We have Managers.. do we have leaders? The incident at the one of the multiplexes at Pune. I was watching one of the bollywood movies with my friends and the cinema hall had more than 50 people watching the same movie. The Cinema went on for 1 hour and suddenly, the screening was stopped. Everyone [...]

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Article by ‘The Hindu’ on

Gopal Agarwal has found a way to use commuting time for a long-time wish. Ever since he came from Delhi to Bengaluru nine years ago, he wanted to learn Kannada but had never got an opportunity. Now, for the past month, he has been learning the language through a WhatsApp group called ‘Kannada Gottilla’. For [...]

Stop saying KANNADA GOTTILLA ..!!

In a survey conducted by a newspaper recently, it was revealed that nearly 30% people in Bangalore are not from even born in Karnataka, and a lot of them don't even know Kannada, absolutely ZERO..!! These are people especially in Whitefield and other IT sectors and other industrial areas, as Bengaluru is Indian Silicon Valley, [...]