An Open letter to the daughter of Established actors – Twinkle Khanna

Hello Twinkle Khanna,

You have been one of the good actors in Bollywood, I am a great fan of you.
Recently I read one of the blogs written by you on AIB roasts and I also found an extreamly worthless hype given to that blog. That blog says nothing more than other blogs or other articles I have seen about AIB. Even AIB has said that same thing in thier video released with TVF guys.

Now the point is why there is a hype given for this article?

With lot of respects to your talent, I purchase a costly ticket to watch a movie in the Cinemas. But, if you have such a hype and publicity given by the public, why are we not using it for something good rather than blaming politicians?


We have the rights to complaint against anything wrong.. you find things wrong, make it right.. A common man is afraid to speak up due to lack of support.. but all common men will definitely support a celebrity, you be the leader, we will support you.

How many times have you tried to contest in Elections? How many times have you helped to stop corruption in the country? Why are you not trying to join forces or politics? How did you help the economic growth of the country? This is not a blame game, rather these are my humble questions.

You have money and fame. Why cant you get down to the field and work rather than writing blogs or tweets on the internet? If you do this, may be some other celebrity would follow you and the chain could create a better country with great leaders..

PS* I am supporting AIB on this issue.. They are excellent on humour.

Thanks and Regards,
Another blog writer 🙂

4 thoughts on “An Open letter to the daughter of Established actors – Twinkle Khanna”

  1. Few things….
    Do you need to contest in Elections to change something…??
    She may not be corrupted or I am sure even if she has stopped corruption, I am sure not many will always be present to make it public…
    What are forces and why are you choosing a career for her (Politics).
    She’s been a brand ambassador of many foreign brands which have paid her for representing them and she’s brought home that money. She’s probably helped economy of the country grow by a very very minute fraction.

    Lastly, she’s not at all a great actor. Not even half of what a great actor is..

    Why don’t you be the leader and make rest follow. Why do you need fame and money to make anything happen.

    The stupidest blog I have ever read till now.

    Someone who tried to make sense of the blog but couldn’t.

    1. Few things:

      No.. we don’t need elections to change something.. and I never mentioned it a mandate thing to contest elections.. Politics can play a major role to change things.. and with power and support changes can be easy.

      I never mentioned she is corrupt or something.. that was a open ended question about corruption. If Celebrities have had helped in stopping corruption.. the things would have changed drastically..

      Please read the blog again.. I never chose any career or never forced anything to anyone..

      Being Brand ambassador of foreign brands to promote foreign brands.. you must go through ‘Make in India’ program to understand things better about the Economy.

      Oh please.. every artist is great.. because of their efforts and talent they have.. If you are saying she doesn’t have a talent.. you are insulting a person.

      Why Rajeev Gopal swamy is not a minister or a leader? when we have Rahul Gandhi as the youth Leader? – this explains why you need fame to enter politics.

      Yes.. sir.. I have 300 members following me.. working towards bringing a change in the society and uplifting values. If people can give me more fame, I can do this in a bigger platform..

      Finally.. thanks for reading the stupidest blog word by word and spending more than 10 min to comment.

      Yes.. If you didn’t understand the blog.. this is the summary – “Now the point is why there is a hype given for this article?” “Why do you blame politicians, if you cannot do anything” “Can we use the fame for the betterment of the country?”..

      One more question for you “Why do you guys.. even read some scrap open letters.. like this one?” Speak up.. stand up – help an individual.. be human.. Be Indian 🙂

  2. lol this is one of the most illogical and judgmental , self appraising blog I have come across recent times. Yes I read it and had my share of laugh along with others in the office.

    The world cannot be filled with leaders , thats why you have poets,artists,sportsmen , people with diverse background and into diverse professions. If a person has a mass following ( Twinkle khanna is more of a yester year actress) it does not necessarily mean that he should join politics. Politicians are not the only pillars of democracy. Media, Activists, People everyone is a part and parcel , and we need people who are not in politics to voice out their opinion against politicians. Voice out their opinion against people who rant about freedom of expression . I think we need to worry more about inviting salman rushdie back , Allowing MF hussain paintings , banning all the babas who are fooling the masses with their idiocity . Why aren’t you talking about them if you are so much concerned about changing and uplifting so called values?

    And what values are uplifting in the society, being more conservative ? being anti section 377?

    You must go through “make in India” , whatever the nonsense is that . India has more money because of foreign investments post 1990’s liberalization and privatization. Just like how US outsources and employs fools here who then rant about indian culture( please define whatever that is) and uplifting values ( India has enough of moral police )

    Wishing to see more of self appraising , moral policing , stupid and idiotic blogs like this . A laughter always helps

    1. Dear Twinkle Khanna Fan..

      The world cannot be filled with leaders – Awesome line.. I completely agree.. 🙂
      I am not asking anyone to join politics.. please go through the blog again.. those are open ended questions.. for us to think.. for everyone to think..

      Oooops – from where dd 377 and moral policing come in? I never spoke about them..

      Points you must understand – This is not a blog of myself.. not a blog about my requests or order.. not a pro-moral policing blog.. not a ANTI-AIB blog.. this is just some questions and thoughts shared..

      I completely understand the fact that your comments are here to mislead things.. I wish you would understand the blog some day.

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