Is it right Bigg Boss??

Kiccha Sudeep

Bigg boss Bigg boss this is the sound we hear all around these days. This is a popular reality show aired on Colors Kannada channel hosted by one of the Stars of kannada film industry Mr.Sudeep alias Kichha. This show is popular among across all age groups of audience especially youth for many reasons. May it be the celebrity inmates or the controversies around the tasks given in the show. This show is also famous for its language. As per the rules of the show the inmates of the house should only talk in Kannada even if they know very little Kannada. The participant who break this rule will be entitled to a punishment. This way the show claims that it promotes and respects the Kannada language.

Till now this show was shot in Lonvala but this season it was brought to Bidadi reason; the show is very much popular in Karnataka so the channel wanted to have full flavor of Kannada and Karnataka. But the double standards of the channel came into lime light during Rajyotsava Day.


As we all know that November 1st is very important day for us the Kannadigas as we celebrate our “Rajyotsava  formation day of our state Karnataka. On that day many events would be held all over the sate showcasing our language and culture. As audience we expected same type of celebrations in the Bigg Boss show, as it was Sunday and Sudeep will be there in the show. But the team Bigg Boss disappointed us totally. Forget the celebrations there was not even a wish from the team. Even the so called star Sudeep who proclaims that he is a star because of his fans conveniently forgot the importance of the day. We were expecting some event which will show case our folk artists or any Kannada artist but to our dismay we got Priyamani on the show , who spoke all the languages more than Kannada, she even spoke Telugu while mimicking one of her Co-star but very very less kannada. Though both Sudeep and Priya can speak very good Kannada they preferred English for their conversation. They went on and on in English talking all the gossips they forgot that they have to wish and thank the people of Karnataka.

Now Team Bigg Boss is this your love and respect towards Kannada and Karnataka? Mr.Sudeep is this the way you celebrate Rajyotsava?? We the people of Karnataka watch all your films although it is remade scene by scene we even clap our hands when u play cricket, but you conveniently forget your duties and responsibilities. Is it not your duty to uphold the culture of Karnataka? Is it enough you ask the inmates to talk in Kannada? Is it not you responsibility too to talk in kannada and promote Kannada??

I as a Kannadiga want to tell the team Bigg boss that we are tolerant till our self respect is challenged, we expect the same respect and love from the people whom we give love and respect. If we can make a show/movie a hit we also have a capacity to reject and make show/movie a flop. So stop ignoring the people of Karnataka who made your show such popular, popular than the Hindi version.

You have Huchha Venkat in your show who always say that ‘bere language picture karnatakadalli ban aagbekk’ . If the same attitude continues in the show we might say

Bigg Boss ban aagbekk!

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  1. Hello,
    First of all, I want to wish you all a happy Kannada Rajyostava ” ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವದ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು”
    I appreciate the detailed observation made by the writer.
    Yes, I would strongly oppose on Mr. Sudeep’s act on the show telecasted on Nov 1.
    Is all the poses about our language he gives in the movies is just to attract the crowd or is it the script’s demand.
    We being kannadigas should celebrate this festival without anybody forcing you to do it. I personally feel its our DUTY to celebrate.

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