It’s IPL Slanguage time!-IPL slang story

It’s IPL time, which means hordes of cricket buffs in nammooru are thronging the stadium to cheer for their favourite squad or sitting glued to their TV screens to catch an intriguing match. From sakkath shots to bombaat bowlers, we’re getting to watch some exhilarating moments and brilliant players this season. As IPL enthusiasts across the nation are rooting for their teams, let’s take a look at some of the slangs that are used or can be used when watching the game…

Chindi: If you see AB de Villiers aka Mr. 360 making a beautiful shot, you can go ‘Chindi, shot maga!’ (Brilliant shot, dude!).

Sakkath: If Gayle’s out there hitting those explosive shots that he’s known for, you could exclaim ‘Ensakkath shot, guru!)

Kai Kodu: But if the Jamaican hurricane gets out early, you could say ‘What ra, Gayle kaikotbiTTa!( (What dude, Gayle ditched us).

Bombaat: When Glen Maxwell impresses with his swashbuckling shots or JaspritBumrah bowls you over with his deliveries, you could go ‘Mags, what a bombaat performance this was! (Bombaat = Super)

Dumki: If you see your squad crumbling on the field and you’re disappointed with their performance, you could go ‘Ivathunam team full dumkiansuthe) (I think our team’s going to fail miserably today.)

Kui: When you’re bored of the commentator’s speech, you could say ‘Why is he kui-ing so much? (Why is he boring us so much?)

Set up:Imagine if you found out that your favorite cricketer was having an affair! You could go ‘See that guy, he has a set up in Mumbai anthe.’

Othla:When you spot a player who’s not part of the playing 11 and is always sitting in the dugout, you can go ‘That guy is doing full othla this IPL. (That guy is doing nothing this IPL).

Kalakaar:Coming back to ABD, when you can’t help but swoon over his batting, fielding, wicket-keeping AND singing, we won’t be surprised if you go ‘Abba, yen kalakaarkaneavanu’. (Wow, he really is a jack of all trades, dudette!)

Belting: When you see RCB destroying their opponent on the field, you could say ‘We are belting them today, maama!)

Guldu: When you see an umpire misjudging and not declaring the opponent team’s batsman not-out, when he in fact was out, you go ‘Aye, en guldukanoavanu! (He’s such an idiot, dude!)

Thulp:When you get to know that RCB captain Virat Kohili is back in the playing 11 and you can’t help but say ‘I’m waiting to see Viratthulp the bowlers, maga!

Kirik:If you want to go to a nightclub to watch an IPL game, but then your friend says ‘Aa pub bedamaga, the crowd there will do a lot of kirik when they drink. (Let’s not go to that pub dude, the crowd that comes there always creates a mess when drunk).

Finally, last but not the least: Beauty (pronounced Byoooty): When someone hits a brilliant shot and you utter ‘beauuuuty’ because it was so friggin’ good!


– Ikyatha Yerasala
Freelance Features Writer, Deccan Chronicle
Consulting Correspondent, Healthcare Executive

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  1. Killar postu! Well written and expressed!
    Reminds of how I can never get over being a Bangalorean!

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