Know our mentors- Shrinidhi

Namaskara ellarigu… Yes!!! you guessed it right I am presenting to you all our another Mentor Shrinidhi M.

We have two types of mentors in our KannadaGottilla team

1. Who teach students along with sharing other responsibilities of the team.

2. Who doesn’t teach but are indispensible part of the team.

(team which look after technical aspects, marketing , media etc.,)

The first name which stands out for the second category of mentors is of Shrinidhi. A quiet, down to earth person who is a part of KannadaGottilla from day one. If KannadaGottilla has parents Shrinidhi is definitely one of them. He is very close to my heart who took care of all the technical aspects from day one says his childhood friend Anup our founder. Yes he is not just close to Anup’s heart, he is close to all the KannadaGottilla team, very friendly easy to gel says our other Mentor Prashnath. But Niveditha another points out that he is very choosy when it comes to be close but once he is comfortable he opens up easily. Yes both of them are right. 🙂

Shrinidhi and I share special relationship!!! I consider him as my guru 🙂 yes he taught me how to upload blog he taught me how to maintain a blog. In Kannada there is a saying “Akshara mathram kalisidatham guru”. It means we have to consider a person as guru if he/she teaches you just an alphabet. In that sense I owe all my technical knowledge to Shrinidhi.


As Ranju our other mentor says Shrinidhi is silent but salient feature of KG team. Shri nidhi is THE backbone of our technical support or we can say sometimes he is the one man army managing all the issues related to technical support. He manages the website, blog section and the entire technical assistance needed for the team for its smooth running. Working in a media related private company very busy Shrinidhi doing this service to KannadaGottilla since the day one. He is one among the few who instantly accepted the idea of Anup and stood by him while executing, and he is one among very few who is still continuing the support selflessly.
Not only maintaining the technical side he also proactively participates in all the KannadaGottilla events and extends all the needed support. Be it handling the crowd, be it handling the event participants. He will be in the forefront.

This silent workaholic guy is also a good singer!! which he very rarely exhibits. Shri also loves bike riding and part of a falcon group of bikers. Shri also actively involves in many social service activities like blood donation.

To sum up Shrinidhi I can say.. A very warm, caring, smiling and disciplined person in the KannadaGottilla group. Shrinidhi we the KannadaGottilla team heartily appreciate your contributions to our group and feel proud that you are the part of our team.
We all wish you the very best for your bright future.

– Suma

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