My choice cyclist version

My body my mind my cycle my saddle My choice. To wear the expensive jerseys and shorts, even when the tires roam naked without the mud gaurd. My choice..

My choice.. to have narrow tires or a broader ones.. my choice.. they dont have a size for my passion and never will.

To ride in ghats for hours or to ride in a flat road my choice.. My choice

To take it as a sport or just a mode of transport my choice. Your mind is caged, let it free.. not my body.
My choice to ride to office, or not to ride to office or not to go office.. My choice..

My choice to ride in the morning or in the traffic.. it is not you who decide when cyclist should ride.

My choice to have a rodie, MTB, Hybrid or all three.. my choice.. Dont advise me of wasting money on cycles..

My saddle bag on the saddle, stylist helmet, bottles on the bottle holder they can be replaced, but my contribution to save the environment cannot. so treasure that..

My choice.. to ride when I want.. dont call me crazy if I ride for 10 hours.. dont start advising if I ride more than that..

My choice, to hear your noisy horn or not.. to listen your abusive words or not..

My pleasure may be your pain.. but it decreases pollution..

My songs.. your noise.. My choices are like my passion.. they make me unique.


7 thoughts on “My choice cyclist version”

  1. when i lose myself in the crowd, i go for a ride, with each turn of my wheel, i come near myself. I dont judge, i don’t pretend, i don’t compete, i don’t compare. When i m on my bike, i am me only, no one else.
    i don’t care what you say! I don’t care what you believe! I am myself, when with my bike!!

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