Nanu Avanalla AvaLu…..

12th June 2016 an horrible night for the humanity, as the world witnessed a strange massacre in Orlando U.S.A. A gunman brutally murdered 49 people in a gay club. The reason behind the shoot out is very very strange.. he wanted to wipe of gays from the world!!!!

He hated gays as their sexual activity was not normal and was against the christian ethics. How cruel it is. Do any body should be hated just because of his/her sexuality or sexual preferences?? Does any religion teach us to do so ?? I don’t think. (I am not much aware of bible). Whether the religion does it or not the colonial rule has definitely made an impact on the modern minds on this issue. The article 377 in our country is one of the example of this impact which claims homosexuality an offence.

How funny this is… Homosexuality is an accepted in India as well as some Muslim countries in earlier ages. The classical examples can be seen in our Khajuraho art, and the script Kamasutra. Our ancestors accepted this because they knew that this is not sin or a wrong thing as it is a nature’s malfunction. They accepted this phenomena and they even considered this as holy as they try to explain the MOHINI avatara of Vishnu.

So In Indian society this was not forbidden thing. All our scriptures does contain one or the other character who were transgenders. Let it be SHIKHANDI in Mahabharatha or Ardhanareeswara of Shiva which claims every human being is half male and half female. We even have AYYAPPA who is the result of the union of Hari and Hara two male Gods.

In Ramayana Rama gave a boon to these transgenders that both their blessings and curse will come true, as they waited for him at the outskirts of Ayodhya for 14 years. Thus they were invited in all the holy occasions to get blessings from them in North Indian households.

But unfortunately after colonial rule the scenario changed and these people lost their dignity in the society. Sadly the first rejection they have to face is from their family members, this is not only in India but across the world these people were denied of their rights. Just because they are gays, lesbians or trans genders they were harassed and they were deprived of their jobs.

Is it their fault that their body structure is different than their sexual needs?? should they be punished for that… I don’t think so.

The Kannada Movie Nanu Avanalla AvaLu .. shed a different light on their lives and struggles which actually changes our perception about their lives. Where all the movies were making fun of them this one tries to show us the reality of their lives. Where Shri Sanchari Vijay portrays the lead role so convincingly.

We as Kannadigas have other reason to feel proud as Government of Karnataka set an example by offering a government job to a tans gender, and A Rajyotsava award to a transgender AKKAI PADMASHALI who is working for the rights of LGBT community. At Mysore bus stand there is a separate toilet for these people.

So it is high time that we should think of these people as human beings and should give them their due respect and rights in the society… The article is published with the support of the unique Youtube to Mp3 service , thanks to which we can support our site. I would like to end this with a note from Akkai herself.. “Navu namma tharaha jana iddeve anda mele namage nammade aada hakkugalu ive adanna niduvudu smajada karthvya” Is it not true don’t we have to give them what they deserve? definetly not death sentence…. little respect and acceptance is all they need.

Live and let them live…. let us not make their life more complicated as they are already struggling and trying to tell the society Nanu Avanalla AvaLu…..



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  1. n chandra sekara

    Very nice writing. Wish you all the best. We have so many miss conception and only when real truth is spread we can understand that they are also human being like any other.

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