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Facebook says a lot about logical, better and great people.. I see a new post everyday about some random guy who is doing an awesome work.. Some old looking or odd looking guy’s photo is shared with a tag line explaining how that person is helping poor.. And people pay money to increase the post reach.. So, it is like a person helping poor.. and this admin is helping that person to make it public.. Good circle.. Humanity still exists..
What I notice is, millions of people liking and sharing the post with emotional statements.. I also notice the comments in these posts that always makes me feel that “the guy who has commented is a great patriot/social worker”.

It seems like everyone is doing social service.. There are more number of NGOs and Charitable education centres than MNC companies..

I do respect everyone People-Treeabove..

But, my question is why the country is still lagging behind in providing basic Education to kids? Why we still have poverty in the country?

DO you really think the money, help, support provided by all the patriots are real or are they just contributing 1 dollar each by sharing the post on social networking sites?

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