Kannada English Kannada English
appa/tande Father amma/taayi Mother
maga Son magaLu Daughter
aNNa Elder Brother akka Elder Sister
tamma Younger Brother tangi Younger Sister
ajja/taata Grandfather ajji Grandmother
ganDa Husband henDati Wife
maava Uncle/Father-in-law atte Aunt/Mother-in-law
aLiya Son-in-Law sose Daughter-in-law
chikkappa Father’s younger brother/ Mother’s younger sister husband chikkamma Father’s younger brother wife/ Mother’s younger sister
doDDappa Father’s elder brother/     Mother’s elder sister husband doDDamma Father’s elder brother wife/ Mother’s elder sister
baava Brother-in-law attige Sister-in-law
geLeya/snehita Friend (male) geLati /snehite Friend(female)

1 thought on “Relationships”

  1. Father’s younger brother and his wife are
    Kaaka and kaaki

    Father’s elder brother and his wife are
    Dodappa and dodamma

    Mothers elder/younger brother and his wife are
    Maama and maami

    Dad’s younger sister becomes attya
    Sister in law is vahini

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