The “Y” word – know the slang

‘Yapppaaa’ I went when I saw something stupid happen at college and my non-Bangalorean friend went – what in God’s name is Yappa? I smiled and said, ‘You will learn about the awesomeness of the word in the coming days, my friend.

Let me list out some of the reasons why this word is simply the sakkath-est:

– It is just so versatile. It can be used to portray a range of emotions – from shock and awe to sarcasm and disgust. For instance, when you see Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock, you can exclaim ‘Yappa, he’s SO good!’

or when you see Americans voting for Trump and you go ‘Yappa, they’re so dumb.’

-You can also generously add it to a variety of sentences. Trust me, do it and it will only make your sentence cooler. Ex: ‘Dude, did you look at that girl’s status? She doesn’t know the difference between ‘common’ and ‘come on’! Yappa!’

or you could look at that annoying uncle (it’s not just the aunties who do it, okay!) who pesters you all the time to get married or have babies and think, ‘Yappa that man is here, I better run away and never come back.’

– You could also use it when you end up sending a message about a cute guy to the guy himself! ‘OMG, this is so embarrassing. Yappa!’

For those who are just getting introduced to Kannada slang, let me tell you that this is one of the first words you should learn. Also, if you’ve lived in Bengaluru for more than a year and haven’t used yappa, then I suggest you make better friends who can introduce you to the beauty of this brilliant word.

And coming back to my non-Bengalurean friend, it’s no surprise that he uses ‘yappa’ more than I do now 😉

Ikyatha Yerasala

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