Yavudu Nimma Cinema??

According to me as many would agree watching movies is a sort of meditation. The sense of thoughtlessness and the way movies deprive us of existing atmosphere; it has really some sort of power.
If we had superpowers many of us would use it to curse the person who disturbed us while watching movie. Few I have in mind readymade are –
1.    May you never get a chance to watch Rangitaranga.
2.    Let your love life be like Ganesh in Mungaru Male.

Movies are a great conversation starters; you want to light up a conversation movies are at your rescue. I have even heard stories where an interviewer and the one who is getting interviewed bonded over a movie discussion and the person landed a job (confidential maatu!).

Movies provide us with experiences that our regular lives often seem lacking and they give us a chance to imagine how the world might be experienced in the shoes and through the eyes of others. It gives thrills and chills which will not happen in our real life.

How to decide which movie is good?
A decent film review should really tell you whether you would like the film or not (which is something most of us rely on) . It should give you enough information about the film such that you can formulate your own judgement about whether you should go see it, regardless of whether the review is good or bad with respect to the film. Obviously asking your friends also works, they know what you like.

Movie buffs like me watch movies irrespective of its language (thanks to the concept of subtitles!!). There is always a special place to the language which a person has grown up speaking from early childhood. Kannada, is my maatrubaashe (mother tongue) .Coming to our own kannada films from past two years we can proudly say there has been a list of classy kannada movies. Lucia was the opener and till Kendasampige and Rangitaranga it has been a feast to kannadigas, it was like realizing “hotel uta kinta mane uta ne best!” (chuck the hotel food, home food is the best food!)

All I want to do now is go back a few years and try introducing our non-kannadiga friends to few kannada movies they must watch!
First of all it is  Nishkarsha; the story revolves around a bank robbery where terrorists become trapped with the hostages. It is a heist thriller one cannot miss.

beladingala-baaleBeladingala Bale, one of my personal favorites. It is based on a Telugunovel titled Vennelalo Aadapilla by Yandamoori Veerendranath which was translated into Kannada by Vamshi titled Beladingala Baale (Lady like moonlight). Recently on a TV show the ever charismatic hero of all time Anant Nag was being interviewed, that  is when I remembered this movie again. This movie has a great impact on me. I will not discuss the storyline (you should watch it or re-watch it!), the movie ends with Revanth (Anant Nag) telling she was in his imagination and wants to keep her alive in his imagination.

I was a school going kid who was mesmerized by this movie and this Beladingala Baale had entered my dreams, she was in my school! I remember getting up and running to my dad and telling “Appa, she was in my dream! Beladingala Baale”. The concept of imagination of a person, and the chase towards it is conveyed so well in this movie it had impact on kid and its dad. I would wait for my dad to come back from office to play “Beladingala Baale”, he was my Anant Nag and me the baale on other side of the phone.

Our own stories linked with a movie make it our own movie. Despite of the the disclaimer “All people,incidents in this movie is fictitious..” We do try to find resemblance, link it with us somehow, try to find solutions!
I think everyone has their set of movies, to which they are close, which was there with them in difficult times, made them laugh, lifted up their spirits, made them fall in love or regain love.

So what is your own  movie??

– Kunkuma Koodlikere

Born in Gokarna brought up in Bengalooru, Kunkuma is an Engineer by profession, A proud Kannadathi, a movie buff, music enthusiast who loves to read a lot and write.

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  1. Superb kane kunkuma ☺. I still remember our long walks to NCJ discussing movie reviews,bhayankara vimarshe also remembering ‘Kunkuma kanda beladingala baale’ by chintamani uncle

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