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Full time mother, working with an NGO towards inclusion, mentor at kannada,loves reading, enjoys writing blogs, and yes Nanu Kannadathi.

From Dharmambudhi Lake to Majestic – a less known metamorphose

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. Most of us happen to overlook this magic and are prone to pay for it. Sometimes very severely! Lakes of Bengaluru Our world is one of terrible contradictions. Plenty of food, but one billion people go hungry. Lavish lifestyles for a [...]

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Tipu Ishtory

I was in my 6th grade when I first saw a glimpse of this angry man wearing a boat shaped turban – a side portrait of Tipu Sultan in my Social Studies book. I remember doodling on his face – colouring a thick lush moustache on Mr Tipu, ignorant about his valour or courage and [...]

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A Gaade a day….

A Gaade (ಗಾದೆ) a day ... As in all languages, Kannada has a very large collection of proverbs called "Gaade (singular) or Gaadegalu (plural)". Pronounced “Gaa – dey”. They are a great way to pick up the language and a lot of wisdom to go along with it. In fact I think Kannada is probably the only [...]

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Dawn of Democracy

"IvanArava ivanArava ivanAravanedu enisadirayya. iva nammava iva nammava, iva nammavanendu enisayya. kooDala sangamadévA nimma maneya maganendu enisayya. “Oh god don’t make me ask who this man is, Instead fill in me the integrity to say he is mine, we are one, Kudalasangamadeva make us all your son staying under your shelter.” -Basavanna 12th century saw [...]

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Chikkamagaluru Trip- The highest point meeting

On this occasion of the anniversary of our Kannada Gottilla this is a right moment to share the experience of our memorable trip to Chikkamagaluru, This is a special trip, because it's a special group with special persons and most of them meteach other personally for the first time. This group name is KANNADA GOTTILLA. [...]

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Open a Library

Somewhere between turning a page and pressing an arrow key, we all grew up. I used to spend a lot of my time in a library. Not that I read so many books. I was rather enjoying the search task. Those shelves that held books written by my favorite inspirational authors. Those shelvesthat held the [...]

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Learn Kannada

If at all a research were to be conducted, I am sure native Kannadigas would be identified to have a highly evolved left hemisphere, the one responsible for learning languages, while compared to human beings anywhere else. Our left hemisphere not only grasps new languages faster, but is also responsible for making us our tolerant-towards-other-languages selves. In [...]

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Is it right Bigg Boss??

Bigg boss Bigg boss this is the sound we hear all around these days. This is a popular reality show aired on Colors Kannada channel hosted by one of the Stars of kannada film industry Mr.Sudeep alias Kichha. This show is popular among across all age groups of audience especially youth for many reasons. May [...]

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Need Based Education For children

  Education broadly perceived as a seamless continuum of life long learning. Education develops basic skills and ability and fosters a value system conducive to and in support of national development goals both long term and immediate. Children are unique. If we survey a busy play ground, we see a spectacle of the uniqueness. In [...]

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