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Chikkamagaluru Trip- The highest point meeting

On this occasion of the anniversary of our Kannada Gottilla this is a right moment to share the experience of our memorable trip to Chikkamagaluru, This is a special trip, because it's a special group with special persons and most of them meteach other personally for the first time. This group name is KANNADA GOTTILLA. [...]

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WELCOME!! ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ ಎಲ್ಲರಿಗೂ . Welcome to KG Recipe Blog.

ನಮ್ಮ ಅಡಿಗೆ   Yes..!!! All these days’, people who have made Karnataka their second home have been learning Kannada @Kannada, Now it’s time to learn Nammoora Aduge.   I am Deena, Writer of this Recipe blog, born and raised in Bengaluru. Passionate about Cooking, Travelling, Photography, and Music. Whatever relating to Kannada and Karnataka [...]

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AAP TAXPAYERS money waste kar rahe ho?

There are multiple ads running on TVs from AAP during the prime time and these are repated again and again said one of the senior congress leaders and complained against AAP. Maken had alleged that the AAP government has increased its publicity budget by a whopping 2119 per cent by allotting Rs 526 crore as [...]

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Illiteracy is blaming the victims than helping them

My friend is an amateur cyclist at one of the biggest metros of the country. He was on evening rides and a car driver hit him. Now his doctor says not to ride or run for 6 months.. And possibilities of getting a life time cycling ban from his parents. He posted the same on [...]

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Answer to why 10 months Advance blog

Bengaluru is a developing city. IT is growing like crazy in the city. so is the business. I came from a far city to Bengaluru like many just to work in IT. This is the land of opportunities. So, in this land of opportunities, a foreign company finds a local land and buys it for [...]

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Prank on VIRAT????

This awesome RJ Danish Sait has tried a prank on Virat kohli and the RCB team. Do not miss this show.. this is just awesome.. I always admired Danish Sait’s programs.. this is one of the proofs..

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PREPARED BY MYSELF RECIPE BY Indira Janaki HOW TO PREPARE RICE UPMA ( ITS CALLED SOJI UPMA) IN FIRST take a glass of soji and fry it till it turn brown. another side u take oil with custard seeds , ground nuts , zeera , White Gram and fry it . add vegetables to the [...]

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Vegetable tharakaari Beans huraLikaayi Bitter gourd haagalakaayi Bottle gourd sOre kaayi Brinjal badane kaayi Cabbage ele kOsu Capsicum doNNe meNasina kaayi Carrot gajjari Cauliflower hoo kOsu Coriander leaves kotthambari soppu Cucumber southe kaayi Curry Leaves karibEvu Drum stick nugge kaayi Garlic beLLuLLi Ginger shunTi Green chilly hasiru meNasina kaayi Lady's finger benDe kaayi Lemon nimbe [...]

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