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Transcend Beyond Time- A Tribute to Kuvempu

Highly messed up thoughts. So much preoccupied that even a cobweb feels to be lesser entangled than the thoughts that run in mind. Sitting in the bus, I try to put down all the work that are on head and all that I have to do to make the best out of coming days. The [...]

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The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Mercury is the thermometer… but this time its not the thermometer or the chemical used in tubelight, it’s a movie. Yes Mercury is a newly released movie in kannada language, no no hindi wait I think its tamil, may be telugu or Malayalam. Now [...]

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The Theory of Relativity Explained in Kannada: Arime at Munnota

In the era of learning everything in English, here is a forum called arime at Munnota that teaches basics of science in Kannada !!! Yes, you heard it right, teaching science in Kannada. !!! Mr. Amar Holegadde conducted a session on Theory of Relativity. For a person coming from Humanities/Arts background, understanding science is a [...]

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Know our mentors- Aparna Rao Kuthyadi

  Once again welcome everyone for this wonderful journey where we are trying to know our KannadaGottilla team. In each blog I am trying to introduce all  of you with our wonderful mentors who are the strength of this team. Some work behind the scenes many work directly with our students. Some are involved indirectly [...]

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Ban on dubbing: KFI then and now- some questions unanswered

During 1950s and 1960s, most of the Kannada directors were dependent on Madras ( now Chennai)  studios to shoot their films, as Karnataka did not have proper studios. During this period, the allocated time for shooting scenes for Kannada movies was during night. This created a problem for Kannada Film directors. The producers for Kannada [...]

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Know our mentors- Deena Sheshappa Mysooru

"Sunshine mixed with little hurricane", a passionate kannadathi, who loves her roots and culture, a very  unique teacher. You may be wondering about whom I am talking or you might have already  guessed about whom I am talking :-) . Yes I am talking about  our Deena aka Deenz, one of our oldest mentors. People [...]

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Know our Mentors- Dr. Gopi Ambikapathi

Quiet, silent, observant.   Yes these are the words which very well explains the person whom I am going to introduce to you, our mentor Dr. Gopi Ambikapathi.  There are  two types of silent people one who is really quiet and silent and other who looks silent  but in reality a chatter box. Our mentor Gopi [...]

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Yakshagana – Traditional/Folk Dance of Karnataka

Yakshagana, a traditional dance form is culturally rooted in the lands of Karnataka. Yakshagana evolved as a dance form during the Bhakti Movement. It is a unique blending of music, extempore dialogues, phenomenal dancing moves, rich make-up and intrinsically designed costumes. This unique harmony is extensively found in Tulunaadu and Malenadu region of Karnataka and [...]

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It’s IPL Slanguage time!-IPL slang story

It’s IPL time, which means hordes of cricket buffs in nammooru are thronging the stadium to cheer for their favourite squad or sitting glued to their TV screens to catch an intriguing match. From sakkath shots to bombaat bowlers, we’re getting to watch some exhilarating moments and brilliant players this season. As IPL enthusiasts across the [...]

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