Anup Maiya


# English Kannada Past Present Future Plural (with respect) 1 See nODu nODide nODidaLu nODidanu nODidaru nODuttEne nODutaaLe nODuttaane nODuttaare nODuve nODuvaLu nODuvanu nODuvaru nODi 2 Read Odu Odide OdidaLu Odidanu Odidaru OduttEne OduttaaLe Oduttaane Oduttaare Oduve OduvaLu Oduvanu Oduvaru oDi 3 Drink kuDi kuDide kuDiyuttEne kuDiyuve kuDiyiri 4 Run ODu ODide ODuttEne ODuve oDi …

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Resolution – a Firm decision to do or not to do.. I bet you have resolutions for health and wealth like running daily.. going to gym.. being Fit.. wealth wise.. promotion, buying a new car (SUV).. and obviously learning guitar, Bike trip to Kerala.. Ladakh trip.. Buying a DSLR.. opening a photography page.. and a lot …


Janta maaf nahi karegi

Me aur politics? Janta kahegi ‘sala ye paise kamane aaya he’.. It all happened due to some random folks, who wanted to make money, more money, more and more money.. and also get into the fame of riding the throne.. fame of bossing.. fame of crossing limits.. We all believed that he would do something.. …

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