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We have Managers.. do we have leaders?

We have Managers.. do we have leaders? The incident at the one of the multiplexes at Pune. I was watching one of the bollywood movies with my friends and the cinema hall had more than 50 people watching the same movie. The Cinema went on for 1 hour and suddenly, the screening was stopped. Everyone [...]

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An Open letter to the daughter of Established actors – Twinkle Khanna

Hello Twinkle Khanna, You have been one of the good actors in Bollywood, I am a great fan of you. Recently I read one of the blogs written by you on AIB roasts and I also found an extreamly worthless hype given to that blog. That blog says nothing more than other blogs or other [...]

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You will be amazed to see what happened to me after watching PK.

PK, the most awaited movie on the silver screening, by the most famous Actor. People went crazy about the movie, it earned crores and crores, but yes, I didnt watch this movie until yesterday. What happened to me after watching PK was so great.. you will be amazed to hear this. I just slept, thinking [...]

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Gopal Agarwal has found a way to use commuting time for a long-time wish. Ever since he came from Delhi to Bengaluru nine years ago, he wanted to learn Kannada but had never got an opportunity. Now, for the past month, he has been learning the language through a WhatsApp group called ‘Kannada Gottilla’. For [...]


Resolution - a Firm decision to do or not to do.. I bet you have resolutions for health and wealth like running daily.. going to gym.. being Fit.. wealth wise.. promotion, buying a new car (SUV).. and obviously learning guitar, Bike trip to Kerala.. Ladakh trip.. Buying a DSLR.. opening a photography page.. and a lot [...]

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Do you think that we have a great Telecom service in the country ?

I always thought creating awareness helps us to understand a lot of things. I really don't know why people do not speak up or oppose any wrong things happening :(..I would like to ask you guys a question 'do you think that we have a great Telecom service in the country'? This is not an [...]

Janta maaf nahi karegi

Me aur politics? Janta kahegi 'sala ye paise kamane aaya he'.. It all happened due to some random folks, who wanted to make money, more money, more and more money.. and also get into the fame of riding the throne.. fame of bossing.. fame of crossing limits.. We all believed that he would do something.. [...]

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Gaali De Do.. Paise Le Lo.. The Gaali Store..

'I am planning to do a podcast just to entertain people with abusive language.. it will be fun and will earn lot and lots of money' says my friend.. 'I can talk abusive language, put some heavy beats in the background and some trance music (downloaded) and sell it as a rap song to earn [...]

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